Why does everyone say Indian education doesn’t support education?

Why does everyone say Indian education doesn’t support education?

Many believe that these issues about Indian education, its sturdiness to change, and the so called ‘lack of support towards innovation’ are all still prevalent; even today. This is why linways has published 2 blogs on this very topic covering the issue rather broad and wide. You can read them here:

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Here are a couple of reasons we found on why Indian education is blamed for it’s lack of innovation ventures:

  • Our schools are mostly bound on a curriculum based system which is seriously obsolete. They were designed to prepare us for the mediocre jobs, like clerks and office staffs as they were the need of the time- decades ago. We’ve never cared to upgrade it so that it helps pursue one’s dreams.
  • The idea of questioning and an attempt of doing something differently is turned down with an iron fist. This is the case throughout the country. In fact, questioning conventional ways is treated as a crime!!!. A student who does that is immediately labeled as disobedient and is “taught the right way”.
  • The thing about the typical Indian society is, we always turn our backs towards risk. This mentality of aversion of risk is so deep rooted in every Indian minds that the process of education, for us, is simply something that helps to get a decent job, get settled and have a respected position in the society.
  • The people who are supposed to support such innovative attempts are probably there in that position through influence. They mostly doesn’t have any idea about such innovative attempts. This discourages the people with such transforming ideas and they turn their attention to alternatives careers such as consultants for MNCs, which effectively is brain drain.
  • New private capital funding firms are yet in their infancy. So they usually are critical about such attempts and don’t extend their support easily.

However, the new age of technology is of great hope and optimism. Never before has been a time when the learner decides the limits to their own education. Opportunities are there for the willing and anybody can learn anything online. The resources and requirements for learning something has set to the bare minimum of an internet connection.

Educational domain in India is experiencing a paradigm shift which if channelled correctly might improve the quality and standard in all areas. The impact of globalisation and exposure to international standards has created a positive vibe which has catered this shift. Educational institutions are opting to support the education with technology for better management and delivering techniques. Information and communications technology (ICT) in education is opening up new doors for institutions to up their efforts and improve the overall quality.

Governing and certification authorities like AICTE, NBA, and NAAC pushes limit forward and assure a better quality in education. They are encouraging institutions to implement better learning methodologies like Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Student Centric Learning (SCL).