Why do we need accreditation from NBA and NAAC and ABET?

Why do we need accreditation from NBA and NAAC and ABET??


The dire need to improve the quality of education we offer has been in the focus of academicians and governing bodies for decades. And though at a moderate pace, it’s results are finally emerging into the light. There are accreditation councils and regulatory bodies to oversee the nature of education we offer, and analyse the metrics on what impact it has upon the community.

The AICTE, NBA, NAAC etc, to name a few, has played key roles in this regard. Since the signing of the washington accords, improving the quality has become anything but imperative to establish the place of Indian education in the global scenario. These will certainly act as major influences while presenting our education before the world.

Students studying in NBA accredited Institutions can be assured that they will receive education which is a balance between high academic quality and professional relevance and that the needs of the corporate world are well integrated into programmes, activities and processes. It signifies that he has entered the portals of an Institution, which has the essential and desirable features of quality professional education.

Also, now there is an opening for the foreign students to apply for the Indian technical courses. This will result in a mutual information interchange which will improve both our national economy and professional sector. This could also mean that finally, the lack of innovative ventures in our country might be straightened out

However, we cannot ignore the subtle challenges we face here. Though there are nationwide initiatives to raise the quality, it is still to become a phenomenon that encompass the whole educational domain of the country. Not many are still aware of the importance and relevance of these initiatives. This is where widening the perspectives comes into play.