What is tier 1 and tier 2 classification in NBA accreditation?

What is tier 1 and tier 2 classification in NBA accreditation.?


Due to the vastness of our educational system in India, the NBA exercises a two-tier system of accreditation.

The TIER-I system is designed for the technical programmes offered by autonomous institutions and university departments.

The TIER-II system, on the other hand, is for the needs of the non-autonomous institutions, both private, and government controlled, affiliated to a university.

In both TIER-I and TIER-II systems, the set of criteria considered for accreditation are mostly the same. The difference is, criteria which are based on outcome parameters are given more weightage in TIER-I system, whereas in the TIER-II system, the weightage has been reduced, thereby, enhancing the weightage of the output-based criteria. However, a non-autonomous institution may also apply for accreditation based on TIER-I system, if they feel that their curriculum can attain the desired outcomes of a programme.


More over Tire1 programs has international standard as per Washington Accord accredited.