What is student centred learning?

What is student centred learning??

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Learner-centered approach

Student Centered Learning (SCL), also known as the learner-centered approach, is a paradigm in education held high by several prominent educationalists as a successful alternative in contrasts with the traditional approaches.

SCI is an instructional approach in which students influence the content, activities, materials, and pace of learning. This learning model places the student (learner) in the center of the learning process.

The instructor provides the opportunities to learn independently and from one another and trains the students in the skills they need. The SCI approach includes techniques such as

  • conducting active learning experiences instead of lectures,
  • providing open-ended problems and problems that require a critical or creative thinking that cannot be solved by following text examples,
  • involving students in simulations and role-plays,
  • and using self-paced and/or cooperative learning.

Properly implemented SCI can lead to an increased motivation in learning, greater retention of knowledge, deeper understanding, and more positive attitudes towards the subject being taught.

The Learner-centered approach emphasises the need to support the learners’ growth and motivation when designing a technology dedicated for education management.

Because the learners have such different learning patterns and unique levels of perception, the technology used must be adaptive for various learning environments.

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