What is PO , PSO, and PEO in NBA accreditation?

What is PO , PSO, and PEO?


Programme Outcomes are narrow statements that describe what the students are expected to know and would be able to do upon the graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviour that students acquire through the programme.

The programme outcomes adopted by NBA for accreditation of programmes are based on initial capabilities, competence, skills, etc. These parameters are called Graduates Attributes and they vary from discipline to discipline and level to level.

Course Outcomes are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to know, and be able to do at the end of each course/subject. While the POs define the departmental outcomes, the COs are more oriented towards the subjects and are mostly defined by the faculties consulting higher authorities. The COs are more like statements that relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviour the students acquire as they go through a specific course within a program. They collectively contribute to the program outcomes. They are to be mapped to the POs, and not necessarily to a single one.

Two or more COs can be mapped to a PO and a CO can be mapped to one or more PO(s). COs are mapped to different POs based on their influence on them.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The educational objectives of an engineering degree program are the statements that describe the expected achievements of graduates in their career, and what the graduates are expected to perform and achieve during the first few years after graduation.
Program Educational Objectives Essentially Answer the Question: Why does the Program exist in the first place?
PEOs are:

  • Statement of areas or fields where the graduates find employment
  • Preparedness of graduates to take up higher studies

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

These are what the students should be able to do at the time of graduation. The PSOs are program specific. PSOs are written by the department offering the program. There usually are two to four PSOs for a department.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) are decided by the head of the institution with the help of HoDs and department experts.


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