What does Accreditation signify?

What does Accreditation signify ?

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The NBA, NAAC, etc. are some of the most prominent organisations that do these kinds of accreditation in India, along with governmental bodies like the NIRF that provides a ranking frameworks. On the other hand, organisations like the ABET does the same in a global level.

The need to expand the system of higher education, the impact of technology on the educational delivery, the increasing private participation in higher education and the impact of globalisation, have necessitated marked changes in the Indian higher education system.

Self-evaluation is crucial in the process of A&A and has a tremendous contribution in promoting objectivity, self-analysis, reflection, and professionalism on the part of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The self-evaluation process and the subsequent preparation of the assessment reports involves the participation of all the stakeholders –management, faculty members, administrative staff, students, parents, employers, community, and alumni.

The participation of internal stakeholders i.e. management, staff, and students provide credibility and ownership to the activity and could lead to newer initiatives, interaction with the external stakeholders facilitate the development process of the institution and their educational services. Overall it is expected to serve as a catalyst for institutional self-improvement, promote innovation and strengthen the urge to excel.

Assessment and accreditation does not stop with the coordinating function but also includes the post-accreditation activities especially in facilitating establishment of quality management systems to ensure continuous improvement.

Most of the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) have a remarkable capacity to adapt to changes, and at the same time pursue the goals and objectives that they have set forth for themselves. Contributing to National Development has always been an implicit goal for Indian institutions. The HEIs have a significant role in human resource development and capacity building of individuals, to cater to the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole, and thereby contributing to the development of the Nation. Serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity, and increasing access to higher education are a few ways by which HEIs can contribute to the national development.