How to apply for an NBA accreditation for my college?

How do I apply for an NBA accreditation for my college??


Steps for accreditation

The (any) institution has to go through some steps in order to receive the accreditation. They have to fulfill certain conditions put forward by the NBA. And finally, there will be a visit by some authorised personnels from it to assess and evaluate the institution and other deciding factors related to it. The following is about what each have to do in the accreditation process.

You can apply for pre-qualifiers via the official website of NBA :e-NBA

Accreditation Process Flow- What to do.

  • Institution- Complete a Self Assessment Report, and evaluate yourself and bridge gaps that you may find(Leads to improvements in the Institution’s functioning)

  • Evaluators during the visit- Initial assessment based on SAR and observations and thereon develop judgements based on evidence.

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