How is institutional visit done for NBA accreditation?

How is institutional survey done for NBA accreditation?


Once the institution has submitted the SAR along with their application, the NBA will decide on the evaluation team (a team that consists of a Chairperson for the entire team and one or two evaluator(s) for each programme).

They will carefully examine the SAR and submit a pre-evaluation report to the ‘e-NBA’ on their insights and observations based on the SAR.

Institutional visit.

The evaluation team will visit the institution regarding accreditation of its programme(s) evaluate and validate the assessment of the institute / department through the SAR of the programme concerned as per laid down accreditation criteria.

They will also try to collect and assess any additional information if it regards with the institutions or departments. Although it may not be possible to describe all the factors that would be assessed during the visit, some of the common ones are the following:

• Outcome of the education provided;
• Quality assurance processes, including internal reviews;
• Assessment;
• Activities and work of the students;
• Entry standards and selection for admission of students;
• Motivation and enthusiasm of faculty;
• Qualifications and activities of faculty members;
• Infrastructure facilities;
• Laboratory facilities;
• Library facilities;
• Industry participation;
• Organisation.

In order to assist the Evaluation Team in its assessment, the educational institution should arrange for the following:

  1. Discussions with the stakeholders for collecting information from various perspectives and to clarify the details provided in the SAR by the institution. Discussing with the various stakeholders would give the evaluation committee insights about the areas that needs improvement and other decisive factors that influence the quality of education.
  • The Head of the institute/Dean/Heads of Department (HoD)/Programme and course coordinators
  • A member of the management (to discuss how the programme fits into the overall strategic direction and focus of the institution, and management support for continued funding and development of the programme).
  • Faculty members
  • Alumni
  • Students
  • Parents
  1. Availability of the following exhibits,
  • Profile of faculty involved in the programme
  • Evidence that the results of assessment of course outcomes and programme outcomes are being applied to the review and ongoing improvement of programme effectiveness
  • List of publications, consultancy and sponsored/funded research projects by programme faculty
  • Sample materials for theory and laboratory courses
  • Sample test /semester examination question papers for all courses
  • Sample of test/semester examination answer scripts projects, assignments, (including at least one excellent, one good and one marginal pass for each examination) question papers and evidences related to assessment tools for COs and POs
  • Student records of three immediate batches of graduates
  • Sample project and design reports (excellent, good and marginal pass) by students
  • Sample student feedback form
  • Sample for industry- institute interaction
  • Results of quality assurance reviews
  • Records of employment/higher studies of graduates
  • Records of academic support and other learning activities
  • Any other documents that the Evaluation Team/NBA may request
  1. And visits to,
  • Classrooms
  • Laboratories pertaining to the programme
  • Central and department library
  • Computer center
  • Hostel and dispensary

The Evaluation Team will conduct an exit meeting with the Management, the Head of the institute, the HoDs and other key stakeholders at the end of the on-site visit to present their observations (strengths, weaknesses, and scope for the improvement).